How is a design project completed from start to finish?

Whether you have an existing facility or are opening a new location, Redemption Plus can help you with your design needs. If you’re a new center, it’s best to consider design early in the process to avoid some terrible mistakes.

A typical design project goes like this:

1 | Design introduction meeting: Aimeé will walk through our Redemption Plus design portfolio and service packages to see what will best suit your needs

2 | Preliminary design meeting: Here’s where Aimeé will review your space, wants, and specific design requirements

3 | Preliminary design: We deliver the first draft of design to ensure the Aimeé is on the right track with your needs and wants

4 | Final design: This is the final result, including any changes made after the preliminary design 👏

5 | Builder dimensions: We deliver basic design dimensions to your builder, so they can get to work

6 | Builder communication: Aimeé is open to any communication your builder may need

Design is only one piece of the puzzle....

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