"Just in time" replenishment used to be something that every company would strive for. We certainly didn't want you to take on more than what you needed to carry in your inventory. But times have changed and in order for you to be successful, we have to change with it (at least for the foreseeable future). With the supply chain cramped up from the ports to your doors, there isn't a lot of room for error when it comes to being stocked up for Memorial Day. So, if you have the space, buy the case!

Here is a map of our shipping times so you have a reference. In order to ensure your orders are received by Memorial Day Weekend, you must place your order this weekend through Monday, May 24th. Orders that need to arrive no later than the following weekend, June 6th, need to be placed by Friday, May 28th.

Redemption Plus is closed for Memorial Day. You can still place orders on the website during Holiday hours, but shipments will not be pulled, packed, and shipped until Tuesday, June 1st for orders placed after Friday, May 28th. Have a great Holiday!

For more info on what's happening in the supply chain, here's a vlog we did on the subject.

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