We know getting your prize value mix can be difficult. Keeping track of trends, best practices, the science of merchandising and changes to customer behavior all take hours of effort and dollars from your bottom line.

If you’d like to get those hours back in your day to focus on building a better guest experience for your players (and a better bottom line), rather than choosing which prizes go where we’re here to help.

We created our Storyboards, or merchandising layouts, with the perfect Prize Value Mix for your business. Each Storyboard is merchandised with a narrative in mind to engage your guests and make finding the perfect prize a piece of cake. It’s Easy. It’s Simple. It Works.

No more work picking prizes. No more hours spent choosing where they should go for maximum redemption. No more wasted time. Let us handle the hassle, while you focus on what you need to: managing an amazing business and guest experience.

If that sounds awesome to you, we encourage you to connect with our SMILE Team today and ask about our new Merchandising Solutions. Using our Prize Storyboards helps eliminate waste and rework, give you back hours a week, and maximize your redemption economics for optimal return.

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