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2019 Product Pricing and Discounts
2019 Product Pricing and Discounts

See how much you can save with our bulk volume tiers

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After two years of not raising prices, beginning February 6th 2019, Redemption Plus will be implementing price changes across our entire product line. You will want to print new tags and custom labels (if you currently have them) for the products you order beginning February 6th 2019 to keep your COGs in line. If you need assistance in either printing tags or custom labels, please contact your Account Manager or email us at

In addition to the changes to our pricing, we also will provide customers with the opportunity to save money when buying in bulk. Pricing per product will receive discounts based on the amount you spent in the year previous OR commit to spending with Redemption Plus in the current year. Each level will provide discounts depending on how you buy your products (eaches, inners, or cases). See the chart below to know where your discounts may apply. You can also reach out to your Account Manager to talk about how to commit to a higher volume in order to receive a higher discount immediately.

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