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Are you raising prices because of tariffs?
Are you raising prices because of tariffs?

Explanation of what we know about the Fall 2019 tariff increases.

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Tariff increases are back in the news, as we anticipate a 10 percent increase on the remaining $300 billion dollars of goods imported from China on September 1. It is possible increases on certain items will be delayed until December 1.

Here is what we know:
The increase will likely include finished toys and all other toy-related items not yet subject to tariffs. We are actively working with our freight partners to stay up-to-date and we plan to keep you informed on what we know.

Until the negotiations are resolved or details of the new tariff announcement are finalized, we are unable to give a definitive position about business impacts. Specifics on if and when price increases will be implemented and what items will be affected are still being determined. We are doing everything to ensure the least amount of variation as possible on your business. We will continue to provide updates as we know more. 

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